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dare to bring phone to examination hall???
Sunday, January 9, 2011 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) has done well in terminating the O-level results of Xavier Ong, the teen who uploaded photos of his exam papers on Twitter.

Last November, the teen  tweeted photos of his exam papers and boasted: 'Do you dare bring phone into examination hall and take a picture?'

After its investigations, SEAB has decided that Xavier will receive a 'T' for every subject he sat for, which means "termination of results due to exam misconduct".

When Xavier was interviewed by The New Paper, he said his mother was upset with him, but he appeared blase about the whole incident. 

He is currently working as a used car salesman, from his point of view, O-level is nothing for him as long as his current job is not affected. His current job make him earned $6,000 in the last three weeks. So, he dint even care about education as money is the only thing he wants.

I seriously feel that what he is doing will make him regret in the future. In this 21 century, education is so important to the teens. Without education, it’s hard to guarantee a comfortable life in the future. He thinks that the current job is good enough for him for the rest of his life? Such a stupid thinking, the present earning wont last forever, what if he lose his job in few months time?! Who will want to employ a guy who don’t even have O-level certificate? I feel so sad for his parent as in no parent will hope the children to behave like this.BE MATURE, TEENS!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>

A group of "crush fetishists" has caused an online storm in China after uploading graphic videos showing young Chinese women crushing small rabbits. In the widely circulated videos, several smiling women are seen in turn cuddling and playing with small bunnies just before crushing them as other giggling girls look on. In one scene, a young woman places a bunny on a table before covering it with a plate of glass and sitting on it for about a minute. She then lifts the glass up to reveal the lifeless bunny, blood oozing from its snout. Another of the girls dispatches one of the rodents by crushing it under her high heels.

Animal-crush videos are sold to fetishists in search of a sexual thrill. A bill to crack down on such videos is about to be voted into law in the United States, according to the US-based Humane Society. China's censors have in recent years carried out a much-publicised crackdown on what they say is a proliferation of porn and other vulgar online content. China has the world's largest number of Internet users, with 420 million according to the most recent Chinese count.

I personally saw the first minute of the video online, it was my brother who showed it to me. I was speechless and horrified after watching the video. These people should be punished for their actions, the bunnies do not deserve this. People should not take advantage of defenseless animals to their amusement. The China authorities should have a heavier sentence on animal abusers. Like us, animals are a form of life.


@ < $BlogItemDateTime$>

Screen shot of Xavier Ong’s,16, twitter post with the picture of his examination paper. He arrived early for this ‘O’ level Social Studies examination on November 8, and 13 minutes before the start of the examination, he took out his Blackberry and tweeted: “Do you dare bring a phone into examination hall and take a picture?” alongside a link to a picture of his exam paper. Xavier Ong‘s twitter post saw a flurry of online reactions on whether it was appropriate, and resulted in the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board(SEAB) hauling him in for questioning on Thursday.
I admire him for his courage but I feel like what he did was plain stupidity. He violated the rule that stated "No electronic devices are allowed in the examination hall." Apparently, the invigilator allowed him to bring his phone in. So who is at fault? Was it Xavier Ong or the invigilator. Why wasn't he caught for his actions even when the invigilator was aware of it? Xavier would have gotten away with it if he hadn't posted it on twitter so openly. According to Xavier, this incident does not have much impact on him as he had always wanted to go overseas to study and after this incident, it has urged him to do so. I believe the SEAB should look through their exam protocols once more to determine if they are really strict about the usage of mobile phones.


@ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
The picture above is of a girl name Tan Hui linn who is seventeen this year. She lives in Penang and she's just lost her dad and her mom. This is what happened, her father had attacked her and her mother with acid while they were asleep. Her father who is a local government official, was charged with the murder of his wife and for causing grievous hurt to his daughter by splashing acid on her. She was almost blinded in the attack. After more than three months of rehabilitation, Hui Linn can now see nearby objects with her left eye. She still cannot see with her right eye.

Hui Linn went to bed in the same room as her mum and woke up in the middle of the night when she felt her whole body burning.
Hui Linn said calmly: "Dad threw acid twice that day. I couldn't see after the first time I was splashed. I didn't know it was dad who did it then.
"If I have the chance to meet my dad, I would ask him why he was so mean to me when he loved me most," she added.

To me, I find that Hui Linn is a very strong girl. According to the video posted on rasor tv, Hui Linn wants to be a psychiatrist, she wants to be able to counsel others who need help. She believes that she can use her experience to help others. Hui Linn is an inspiration to all. Even after all that she has been through she still managed to pull through and get her life back on track, she has gone back to school and she inspires to help others in the future. She no longer hates her dad as she sees no point in holding a grudge so she got over it. 


innovation recycle bin
Monday, January 3, 2011 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
A group of Singapore Polytechnic students has come up with an award-winning recycling bin which makes it more convenient for households to recycle.
The students conducted a poll with 100 HDB households, and found the majority would recycle if there was a convenient and space-saving bin that could fit into their kitchen.
The six students then went on to design a 106-litre bin -- significantly smaller than typical recycling bins seen in public -- which can fit into the kitchens of most households.
The three recycling compartments of the bin are flexible, and can be enlarged to hold more waste when necessary.
The bin also features a built-in compactor which serves to maximize space for waste.

There is also a "foot pedal" attached to the base of the bin, designed to flatten plastic bottles or cans.
For their innovative design, the students won the Special Merit Award of S$2,000 from the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition, organized by Sembawang Shipyard.
The students, who are currently looking for a manufacturer, said the bin would likely not cost more than S$20.

I think that this innovation is really useful to our life. As we know, the earth is getting worst on environmental issue. We need to do our best to save the environment. As a part of the earth, we need to do something on it. we can start from the smallest thing which is reduce the use of plastic begs instead we use recycle beg. So, having this innovative recycle bin, it makes us easier to do our part even at house. Let’s get start from now=)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Angry People Cheer Up - By Punching A Panda

Angry enough to punch a defenceless panda? Then come to New York. Every week, there will be a person don a panda suit, head onto the streets and challenge members of the public to take a swing. The panda will hop down the sidewalk like a boxer. He will urge passers-by on a freezing afternoon in busy Union Square and said, "Hit me. You know you are angry. You were angry this morning." This is seen as a "community service". This is because in a world filled with angry people, this persona of Punch-Me-Panda will lighten their day. The purpose is to relieve some of the suffering on the street.

Starting, many see this scene will roll their eyes at the sight. Some confused Punch-Me-Panda with an advertising campaign. Others seemed horrified at the idea of punching anything. Or they might just not have been angry. To attract a beating, the panda will thump his chest with a red boxing glove. He will assure in a muffled voice, "I am not going to hit you back." 

Then the idea started to catch on. A woman gave a gentle jab and a young man fired a quick left-right. A group of men egged one another on, punching, kicking and shoulder-charging the ever-patient victim. However each time, the panda pugilists walked away, faces glowing. "I felt so good afterwards. At the first punch, I was kind of hesitant but, upon the first contact, I could tell it enlivened the panda and I decided to go for it."

I feel that if Singapore can have this kind of scene like in US, it will be great. This is because Singapore is a fast-paced country, especially the education system is stressful nowadays. Sometimes if we are frustrated or feeling upset, punching a defenceless panda will definitely reduce our stress tension and help to lighten the mood of angry passers-by. With this concept, violence cases in Singapore may reduce as there is something for Singaporeans to vent on. Moreover, they will feel better mentally with this concept when things are not going smoothly or right for them.  


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3D Animation Puts Singapore On World Map

This animation is titled "Dream Defenders" and is targeted at 6 to 9 years old. This is Singapore's first animation series in stereoscopic 3D. The plot begins with 2 heroes, Zoey and Zane who move between dreams and reality, fighting off literally your worst nightmares. The unique aspect of this series is it features cool gadgets, consists scary villains and above all, a lesson to children in conquering their fears. The ideology brings across to children is "No worries, no monsters".

As we all know, animation market is getting bigger these few years in Singapore. The government is investing a huge sum of money in the animation field and creating many jobs for animators' fresh graduates. This shows that  there is potential in animation field in Singapore. Although not as good as Western countries' productions such as  Dreamworks, Pixar and Disney etc, this animation, "Dream Defenders" from Singapore is definitely an exception. I am proud of how Singapore is able to overcome all obstacles and come out with this unique animation series.
I believe animation sector will definitely grow in these few years. "In its 2009/2010 annual report, MDA reported that the media sector contributed S$5.5 billion of value-added and S$22.4 billion in revenue to the Singapore economy in 2008, employing some 63 000 workers. In the period between 1997 and 2009, the compounded annual growth rate was 6.8%, higher than 5.9% growth for the overall economy."

This series has a very strong content and strong cast, with strong demand in the West such as US, Europe as well as in Asia. The work has impressed a major US network so much that it commissioned Tiny Island to work on one of its projects. Since animation is a high strategic priority for Singapore's media industry, soon there will be more animation properties coming out of Singapore across multiple platforms, and into games, publications, hard copy, electronic, television as well as feature films.


@ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Cameron Highlands Worst Tragic Accident

Seems like a coincidence, me and my family also went to Cameron Highlands during the December holidays. But my family went the day before the tragic accident took place. I was horrified by this news when the next day after my family were safety back to my grandma's house, my aunt told and gave us this news in the picture shown. The horrifying part was the accident took place at the spot, where my aunt drove us back home. I still remembered when my aunt drove us back was around 6.30pm. As it was nearing 7.30pm, we were still in the mountain. It took us to reach the nearest village at 8pm. At 7.30pm, it was quite scary as the sky was very dark and there were no lights/lamps to guide the drivers along. My grandma was scared until she kept looking at the road hard and even prayed for our safety. My aunt, who was driving us, was very conscious and careful where she was driving. Deep inside, she was also very terrified because it was very dark, and we could not see the other side where the cars were heading towards us. Moreover, the mountain roads were quite curvy and narrow.

It was really saddening to see that 27 people died in the accident, 22 died on the spot and 5 died in the hospital. Those 22 people who died on the spot, I believed the crash was really fatal and severe. The crash was so fatal until the upper deck of the double decker coach was actually shelved off! I actually saw the coach 2 days later, when it was bought back to Ipoh, with the upper deck shelved off. It was really a gruesome sight. I heard that there were brains seen and blood flowing. When the 27 passengers were about to leave Cameron Highlands, they actually saw black crows flying around; a bad omen that something really bad would happen to them later. 3 of the people died actually died at a very young age. To think they came all the way from Thailand to enjoy a relaxing holiday, they never expect this is where their lives would end. 

I hope there will be no more tragic accidents happening in highlands places. This tragic accident is known to be Malaysia's worst accident so far that has taken place. A very saddening news, especially to the victims. 


Tuesday, December 28, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Youth violence and gang fights has been the big issue in Singapore lately. There has been a  number of slashing cases and deaths amongst teens. These incidents happened all around Singapore, at Orchard plaza, downtown east, bukit panjang, ang mo kio and Yishun. We don't know when another slashing case is going to strike and where. This is a problem that the government has to handle very carefully as it might lead to bigger issues. For example, if these fights continue there will be a huge impact on Singapore's economy as the tourism sector will be affected greatly. Tourists will not want to visit a country which is unsafe and chaotic. As citizens, what can we do to stop these cases, to keep our country safe and to protect out economy. What is the cause of rising youth violence? Is it the lack of parental attention or broken homes? Are the schools addressing the needs of teens? Solving this problem will involve more than just arresting gang members, imposing curfews and tighter security laws, we need to find the root of the problem to eliminate social conditions.


Monday, December 27, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Phone apps can lead motorists to jail.
It may be a convenient way of finding your way around by keying in the destinations in the iPhone app or looking at a smartphone for directions while driving. However, many motorists do not know that using a smartphone to find directions while driving is illegal. Motorists caught doing so may be booked for inconsiderate driving and they could be fined up to $1000 or jailed for up to 6 months.
Many iPhone users may not know that using their phones as a navigation tool is illegal. However, this measure is to prevent accidents from happening on the road. Motorists may be distracted when they search for the directions and might not keep their eyes on the road.


@ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
25 drink-drivers arrested.
25 drink-drivers were arrested in a five hour operation on 23 December, Thursday, morning. Road blocks were set up along Church Street, South Bridge Road, New Bridge Road and North Canal Road which is around drinking and entertainment areas. During the operation, 74 motorists aged 22 to 53 took the breathalyser test and 23 men and 2 women failed the test and were arrested for drink-driving. The highest breathalyser result was 90 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. That was more than twice the prescribed legal limit of 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath.
It is important for the authorities to be more stringent in their operations during this festive season as many people will be out partying till late at night during Christmas and the New Year. When people drink, they should not drive as they may be reckless on the roads and might cause death. It is important not to drink and drive.


@ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Three Singaporeans drowned in a boat capsizing off Mersing.
Three Singaporeans died and two are still missing in Mersing tragedy during a Christmas weekend fishing trip. 29 travellers were on board the wooden vessel when it capsized on 26 December, Sunday at 1.30pm. The boat was overloaded as it was only suppose to carry 12 passengers but more than double the dozen of passengers was allowed on the vessel. The boat was on the way back to Singapore when it capsized just 200 to 300 meters from the jetty because of the strong currents and the rough weather conditions. Moreover, the passengers were not wearing any life vests.
It is a tragedy to lose life because of such incidents like overloading of passengers. It is the responsibility of the boatman to ensure the safety of his passengers and ensure that his boat is not overloaded and the passengers are wearing lifejackets. It is to ensure that such tragedy will not happen and result in any loss of life.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
I read a news in the Straits Times newpaper titled ''more cases of people going nude in public'' I really salute these people for being SOOOO daring to be nude in public. But on the other hand i was disappointed by their actions. They completely didnt have any respect for their body.

Exhbitionism is a sexual disorder where the exhibitionists get a sexual thrill from the look of shock and horror on their victims. This kind of behaviour makes people feel disgusted. Year 2010 is set to be a record-breaking year. From January to June, there were 105cases. I even heard that there were two case recently. First was an unidentified man in his 20s went to a 24-hour McDonald's restaurant along Queensway to buy coffee in nude. Second was a heavily tattooed man in his 40s sat naked on the pavement in Ang Mo Kio for several hours.

Why would one want to walk around nude and later got arrested. Appearing nude in public in Singapore can be fine of to $2000 and jailed up to 3months. It was really a sore eye scene to see people walking around nude.


Being Careless is unacceptable
@ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
I came about this news in the Straits Times newspaper on 15 December. Being careless sometimes can caused trouble. In this case, eye medicine turns out to be dental paste. This happen in Singapore. The mix-up by the pharmacy at National University Hospital (NUH) caused the 63 year old lady's eyelids to stick together.

She was supposed to prescribe Solcoseryl 20% Eye Gel but was given Solcoseryl Dental Adhensive Paste.  She did not discover the mix-up until she applied the ointment and discovered she had trouble opening her eye as she wasnt able to read English. She was later sent to be treated at the emergency department at NUH.

The Vice-President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore said that the main reason this error occurred is probably due to the products looking very alike.

I was quite amazed by this news as NUH being a well known hospital in Singapore even made such big mistake. I think they should double check on products before dispensing. If products look alike, they should store them separately and label all products.

 Sometimes work stress in the Pharmacy can lead to such errors too. So do remember to check your prescribed medication before taking it~


Intimacy in public
Saturday, December 11, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
This is a recent topic that i found on today's new paper. After reading, i felt really disgusted over the actions of these people. This news is mainly about a couple in 50s make out in public twice a week, sometimes up to 3 hours, in front of passers-by including kids.

The site of their rendezvous for the past few months has been an open-air courtyard at Goldhill Plaza in the Novena area. Without fail, they turn up around lunchtime twice a week. THey sit on a stone ledge, in the shade of a large tree, and get hot and heavy with each other. 

 At first their actions were still okay, holding hands, talking and kissed. But they got worst. The man, 58years old, even fondled the women's left breast. The woman, 50years old, was seen lowering her head towards the man's groin.

This is really very obscene. They didn't care about how passers-by stare at them and didn't even bother about kids who happened to walk pass. I find this unacceptable. It is not a good impression especially for young kids. Nowadays, couples' intimacy is commonly seen in public. I personally feel it is normal for couples to be intimate BUT to a certain extent only. If they want to expose their love for one another, they should go to place where there is fewer people instead of crowded areas like MRT trains, voiddeck and even library.


molester in NYP?
Saturday, December 4, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Police have arrested a 23-year-old man believed to be involved in several cases of outrage of modesty at Nanyang Polytechnic in Ang Mo Kio.
Police received two reports of outrage of modesty in November, involving female students at the polytechnic.
The suspect was arrested at his home in Bukit Batok Street 31 on Wednesday.
Police said the suspect is believed to be involved in at least four cases of outrage of modesty in the Ang Mo Kio area.
Several pieces of lingerie, believed to be stolen items, were also recovered from the suspect's residence and seized as case exhibits.
The suspect will be charged in Court on Friday. If convicted, he may be jailed up to two years, fined and caned.

Dubbed the “sleeping girls” molester preying only on unsuspecting students who had fallen asleep at their study desks or corners.
He would allegedly approach them from the back and stroke their thighs, legs or backs, fleeing when the victims woke up.
Among the items seized from his home was stolen lingerie, which did not appear to belong to any of the women he is believed to have molested.
While it is not known whether the suspect is still attending classes, the school has arranged for the affected students to receive counselling.The school also keep in touch with the victims’ families to provide any further support and assistance.
Many students still do not aware about the arrest. I am quite shocked when watching the news. It is even more surprise when I know the girls are being molested in a public area, library. The school authority has informed the students about this incident via email. They re-assure all students that school is taking the necessary measures to make the campus a safe place for learning. They have  increased the frequency of patrol in the library and are stepping up campus security. The offender is also not permitted to return to the school until police investigation is concluded.


Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
I have heard from a guy friend of mine, who is 6 years older than me, told me that in the past in his secondary school, there used to have 2 gangs (Chinese VS Indian) in his school. The scary part was the 2 gangs had been passed down for 3 generations. The 1st and 2nd generation were the fiercest and scariest. There used to be fights, even slashes in the school itself. The school could not even handle this situation because the 2 gangs were not even scared of the teachers and principal. Imagine if you are a student there in the school, and everyday you have to go to school in fear. I did not expect to have gang fights because maybe I did not see one before and did not expect to have one in a civilized country, Singapore.

Nowadays due to teen gangs fights have made it into the headlines of newspapers, I start to see the seriousness of teens gangs. It is certainly extremely important to have schools teaching students how to avoid when you happen to see teen gangs and also, not to join their society. Schools should recruit counsellors to protect their students from gang activities and boost their self-confidence to keep them away from gangs. If only we could avoid these, we could actually prevent things from going beyond control, such as teen gangs fights and teen gangs will not have the confidence to do bad and dangerous things openly in Singapore.

A few major reasons teenagers chose to join the teen gangs society were because they did not like to study, could not make any friends in school, no self-worth, lack of parental love, dropouts, no self-control, no sense of belonging and no confidence. They feel that after they join the society, they will be able to make lots of friends and will feel good about it. They feel that if they are involved in fights, they are not a 'softie' but a tough person. By joining the secret society, they believe they will have a sense of belonging and this will build up their confidence.

Moreover, there is a major difference in today's and in the past teen gangs. Nowadays teen gangs tend to be disorganized, unlike in the past, gangs followed specific codes of conduct and were controlled by a headman. Recently I keep getting this sms or happen to see this message in facebook about teen gangs, "This message is for every girl who goes to work, college or school alone: if you find a child crying on the road showing his/her address & is asking you to take them there, take them to police station no matter what you do. Don't go to that address, this is a new way for gang members to rape females, please copy and pass this to all girls & boys so they can inform all friends and family members." This is rather horrifying, and when have Singapore become so unsafe?


teen gang
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
A series of slashing incidents happened in this few weeks. To my surprise, it is all did by the teens. Singapore is such a developed country and yet the teens acted like not educated. A slashing case happened at Downtown East which caused the victim dead. The teens involved aged between 19 to 22 years old including the victims.

The society sensed the seriousness of the teens slashing issue. School should plays their roles in avoiding these kind of incident to happen again. From the newspapers, recently at least 8 secondary schools have engaged counsellors to protect their students from gang activities following recent gang fights involving teenagers.

Youth counselling experts say what teens need is actually a boostto their self confidence to keep them away from gangs. From the view of a expert,14 to 15 year old students are ideal targets for gang recruitment. This is because at this age, they have a high level of curiosity and want to try new things. While these teens are able to tell the difference between good and bad, what they lack is self-control.

Some schools are sending such problem students for a weekly two hour counselling programme over a three month period to give them the confidence to make better choices.The students have no courage to say no, simply because they are lack of confidence.Teens are often just looking for a sense of belonging, love and acceptance.


Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Who doesn't know about Facebook?Majority of people all around the globe recognize Facebook as "a social utility website." With Facebook, we all can catch up with friends and check on how they're doing at the click of our fingers. We are able to view their pictures, watched their videos and chat with them, even if they're overseas. Most importantly Facebook is absolutely free. How convenient. Facebook has also increase demand for Smartphones and mobile telecommunication services as people would want to be able to be on Facebook and they can receive updates from their friends or family at anytime, at anywhere. Facebook also offer games! They have over 100 over games to choose from. All games are suited to people aged 13 and above so parents can have a rest of mind. Facebook social media has become more hype and exciting! Facebook is a world wide entertainment for all.


Saturday, November 20, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Teen Gangs.
Recently, there have been a series of slashing incidents islandwide for the past one month. These slashing incidents are related to teen gangs fights by slashing their victims with choppers and knives.
On 31 Oct 2010, Darren Ng, 19, was slashed to death after getting into a "staring incident" at Downtown East on Halloween night. He was repeatedly hacked in full view of the crowd and the violent attack left a 500m long trail of blood at the Pasir Ris Resort and the amusement park.
The latest incident happened on Thursday outside a 24 hour restaurant at Blk 448, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. It started when two youths got into a loud dispute and a shoving match before the 17 year old victim was slashed on the right shoulder. He was then taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
In my opinion, it seems that teen gang related activities such as gang fights and slashing incidents are becoming a norm for teens these days as teens could blatantly slash someone in public. They even dare to carry weapons such as choppers and knives around which can pose a threat to public. Teens should not have this, "stare what stare" mindset as such staring incidents could escalate to slashing incidents and as a result, an innocent life is lost.


Friday, November 19, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>
Cases related to Gangsterism has rise over the years. Teenagers has been increasingly violent and this may be due to many reasons. Such as bad company, games and even some television programmes. Teenagers are the easiest to get influenced especially around 14years old to 22 years old. Parangs and chopper have become common weapons in the recent few gangsterism-related cases.

Recently the Downtown East Murder case was a hot topic in the news. I was really shocked when i heard about the news. The scene is similar to what was shown in television programme. On Halloween night, there was a fatal hacking of a 19-year-old Republic polytechnic student (Darren Ng Wei Jie) which started off with a staring situation. The confrontation turned violent not long after, leaving Darren fatally injured. Police have classified the case as murder, which carries the death penalty. had suffered multiple slash wounds and a stab wound to his abdomen. He later died at Changi General Hospital at 10.55 pm.

Just after the Downtown East case, Eight youths armed with parangs and metal rods went around attacking 20 innocent bystanders on Nov 8 at Bukit Panjang at night. Six of the bystanders were conveyed to the hospital. The victims were aged between 14 to 20 years old. According to eyewitnesses, there were seven or eight attackers. Before attacking, they shouted 'sah lak kau' which means '369' in the Hokkien dialect. The attackers were all very tall and of big build, with dark complexions.

Yet there was another teen slashed yesterday (Nov 18) at Block 448, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 which follows a recent spate of youth slashing incidents involving teenagers carrying weapons such as knives and parangs. Two youths had apparently got into a loud dispute and after a shoving match, one of them whipped out a knife and slashed the other on his right arm. The victim was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

These cases are related to gangsterism. Teens seem to be walking around fearlessly with weapons, even after islandwide raids and arrests, in relation to the murder at Downtown and the Bukit Panjang attacks, have been carried out. the increase in youth violence and teenagers carrying knives are worrying trends.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ < $BlogItemDateTime$>

Nowadays, which of the youth doesn't  own a facebook  account ?I guess 99% of them have a facebook account.So do am I.You will not feel bored since you logged into facebook. Others than playing games ,you can share the photos, videos and even some links that you wish people to have a look.You can have a nice chat with friends who online too. The status update let us know what had happened to our friends. When one of our friends posted something saddening, you can show your concern to comment in the status. When something bad happened to me ,I feel so relieve to have my friends support and comfort. It does help a lot in comforting me!
Actually I’m not addicted to the games such as Restaurant City, Farm Ville, Frontier Ville in facebook. I am not good in playing games and you need to have patience to play the games .For example, when you started playing Farm Ville, you need to spend the time to farm and even check on it from time to time to harvest the vegetables. I really have those friends that crazy about farming and keep an eyes on their farm everyday .Luckily, I am a game idiot.
Let me introduce my facebook profile to you!I started using facebook in April 2009 due to my friends’ influence. By now, I have550 friends in my friend list. I will not add people that I don't know as my friends. Some people have more than 1000 peoples in their friend list. I had 10 albums in facebook. The photos posted are just to share the photos easily throughout my friends and family. No doubt, most of my friends and family play facebook .T his included my middle age aunt and uncle. They try to follow the new trend nowadays. You can amend the privacy setting in the facebook account so that only your friends can view the things that you posted. I do have done with this setting. This is just to have a little bit of privacy although I knew that is no privacy guarantee in these social networking.
Think of it,what if Singapore goverment banned facebook? The youth will certainly raise up their voice to get back to facebook. However, think of how we survive before we get know to facebook and why nowadays we cant bear to leave it??


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Facebook is a social networking website which most of us are familiar with as most of us surely have a facebook account. It was only launched in February 2004 and as of July 2010, there is already more than 500 million active users all over the world. Users create a profile, add other users as friends, exchanges messages, join interest groups and receive notifications.

Through facebook, users can keep in contact with friends they have not met in years. That is because, whenever your friends update their status, it will appear on the news feed. These status informs their friends about their daily activities. In this way, you will know how your friends are doing and you do not need to meet up with them to ask them how they are. It is also a platform for users to engage in social activities as this social networking website can widen your circle of friends and also to get to know them better by viewing their profile. Facebook also has numerous features on how users can interact. One way is by writing on your friend's wall which are messages for your friend to see. From there, users can comment on the wall post. Users can also create photo albums and upload photos into the albums. Photos can also be shared with friends by tagging them in the photos.

However, there are also drawbacks from this popular social networking site. One obvious disadvantage is addiction. Most of us are addicted to facebook even though we are not aware of it. I'm sure as you are reading this post, most of you have a facebook tab now or it is also the first website most people log on to once they switch on the computer. This is not only constricted to the computer, many of us now own smartphones and we could now log on to this website at any time anywhere and a majority of us became obsessed to check your notifications every few mintues. Facebook could be a distraction to many of us as we would rather spend time on facebook than studying. Another drawback is the privacy. Many of us may not private the account or adjust the privacy settings properly and therefore, many people whom you may not even know personally can view your photos and profile.


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I started using Facebook in the year 2009. Before using the social network website 'Facebook', I have been using Friendster instead since year 2006. However it seems like no one has entered Friendster ever since Facebook has turned popular. In order to follow the trend of using Facebook to connect with friends, I stopped using Friendster and switched to Facebook instead. Indeed, Facebook has captured my attention right from the start, and until now I am still an active user in Facebook. As of July 2010, Facebook has more than 500 million active users. Facebook has also become the top social network in Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

I feel that Facebook edges over Friendster because Facebook has games applications such as Frontier Ville, Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Restaurant City and Pet Society etc. Another unique thing about Facebook is it has many quizzes, especially quizzes on psychology, relationships and personality, which attract teenagers. I also like several features such as wall post, comments, notifications, creating events to inform friends, join groups and most importantly, able to see my friends' latest updates where I can gauge how are they doing currently from the photos they have uploaded and the posts they have written and catch up with them. Facebook sees the importance of privacy and users are able to customize who are able to view their profile.

Facebook is an addictive social website, just like Blogspot and Twitter. With so many social networks around nowadays such as Twitter, MySpace etc, Facebook has to compete with these social networks by maintaining and grow its current members. It has to upgrade its layout constantly and introduce new features that are appropriate and user friendly to its users. Or else it may end up like Friendster, resulting users to switch to the next popular social network.

However, Facebook has met with some controversy. The social network has been blocked in a few countries; Pakistan, Syria, the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan and North Korea. It is also banned at many workplaces to discourage employees from wasting time using the service.


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When you heard of the word "facebook" what comes in your mind first? Is the the photos, posts, events, games, quizzes or others? Facebook has become an addiction to most of us out there. With facebook, we are able to communicate, play games, take quizzes at anytime and anywhere as long as there is a connection.

Have you wonder how did facebook came about?
Facebook is a social networking website that was launched in February 2004. It was operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes with the intention of helping students to get to know each other better.

When it start at 2004, the response of the website wasn't great as the uses is limited at that time. However, after years of upgrading, the number of facebook users in the world have increased drastically. From less that 20 million in Dec 2004 to 500 million in 2010. Isn't it a huge amount?

Although there are 500 million facebook users in the world, facebook has been blocked intermittently in several countries including Pakistan,Syria,the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan and North Korea.

After sharing with you all these, hope you have some idea about the history of facebook rather than just playing facebook blatantly.


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You probably hear the term "smartphone" tossed around a lot. But if you've ever wondered exactly what a smartphone is? How is a smartphone different than a cell phone, and what makes it so smart?
A smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that you might find on a computer--such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit office documents.It makes our works much more convenient than before.The internet access is working all the times.Without a computer, we can deal with our works immediately.Smartphone is definitely a GREAT helper for those business man.Furthermore, the new trend for the youth nowadays is that it's cool to own a smartphone!So,we can see that most of the students owing a smartphone like iphone,samsung galaxy or blackberry.

Nokia company is not having much more choice for the smartphones and it's not so popular in the market compared with those brand mentioned above.For your information, Nokia has come out with the latest smartphone N-8.This phone is just available in Singapore on 28th October 2010.By now,you can get it from the retail outlets.
The Nokia N8 is a great portable entertainment centre that offers a cinema-grade audio and visual experience. With its built-in HDMI interface, it allows users to play music, videos and images through HDMI-compatible televisions and home theatre systems, with full Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.
The new Nokia N8 also  have a easy-to-use features which allow you to effortlessly capture and edit still images. With its 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss Tessar optics camera, Xenon flash and the largest image sensor of any mobile device, it captures superb, pin-sharp images every time. The Nokia N8 provides the creative freedom to capture and edit HD quality video on-the-go, and view content on its large 3.5-inch AMOLED screen. Users can quickly share their photos and videos online in a few easy steps.
The Nokia N8 is packed with the latest and most popular games to ensure that there’s never a dull moment. It is really a good entertainment when you are free and to get rid of your boredom.  Favourites such as Angry Birds will keep gamers entertained for hours. It's really amazing with the superb responsive touchscreen.
As whole,the Nokia N8 is the ultimate multimedia entertainment device that offers endless possibilities for our mobile lifestyles. If you are affordable, why don't you get one for yourself ?I am looking forward it.


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Imagine having a few devices in your bag, such as your cell phone, PDA, PSP and mp3 gadget. Wouldn’t it be extremely inconvenient bringing all four of them around with you wherever you go? If you own your very own Smartphone, you will have a device with all the functions that you can name and also lighten your load with just one device to carry around! Owning a Smartphone is definitely a smart move because you can use it for everything! In Singapore, you have a variety of brands to choose from, such as the well-known Apple iphone 4, HTC, Blackberry, Android, Samsung etc.

Smartphone may be a want for young adults, but definitely a need for most businessmen and career women. Businessmen will consider a Smartphone because it runs complete operating system software providing a platform for application developers just like a desktop computer, and it is considered a Personal Pocket Computer with mobile phone functions. Businessmen can get the latest updates on their work and receive emails immediately through the portable Smartphone. Nowadays, Smartphone sales have increased tremendously, and have dominated the mobile phone industry, especially in United States.

I will prefer HTC because I feel that HTC has carried its brand well through mass media and it is famous for its touch screen. Young adults like me can use Smartphone to scan the folders for our schoolwork, browse Internet, email and most importantly, it has a large memory space. What engages me is HTC includes a messenger that has a chat-style layout, unlimited characters, which seems like a real-time conversation experience with friends! I urge everyone that if you have not experienced owning your very own Smartphone, experience it now and you will be unable to resist the temptation of what a Smartphone can actually does! This is my dream phone of HTC, HTC Mozart 7!


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Why Smartphone?
A Smartphone is  a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic feature phone. With the unique features and benefits of smartphone, it has made your life so much easier.

It is really tough yet very important for a busy person to manage their time equally between their family and clients. You probably know the feeling of being  tied to your desk or home so as not to miss that important email or phone call and to maintain convenient access to essential data—proposals, schedules, contact information, business news or the stock market.

Hence the first Smartphone  was released in 1993. It was called Simon; it was designed by IBM in 1992. Now, there is a variety of choices of smartphones for us to choose from. For example: Apple Iphone4, Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Droid Incredible etc.

Smartphone provide us with instant access to the web and allow you to sync with your desktop computer. This means you can store, view, and work on documents directly on your handheld. You can also receive and respond to emails as they arrive in your inbox on your home computer with real-time push email.

There are really vast benefits of Smartphone. Its target audience are no longer just business person but rather everyone of different ages. Any thought of getting a new mobile phone? Get a smartphone instead and you will not regret for sure!


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What is a smartphone? In today's time, smartphones are seen and being used everywhere. Consumers can choose from a variety of choices; ranging from blackberry, iPhone, palm pree, HTC touch and many many more. According to wikipedia "over 45.5 million people in the united states own Smart phones in 2010." This growth is increasing rapidly. Smartphone is device which has almost everything you need in it. It functions like a pocket computer where you can connect to the Internet, anytime and at anywhere. People these days have become very dependent on it. It is small, light and easy to carry around compared to a desktop computer or a laptop. A smartphone a pocket map, a pocket mailbox, a pocket music player, a pocket game station and what not. You name it, they have it.


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A smartphone is a mobile phone that can perform functions that a computer does, such as accessing to the internet. Some examples of smartphones are like iPhone and Blackberry.
iPhone was first introduced in 2009 by Apple Inc. Besides having text messaging and camera functions which any other usual mobile phone has, iPhone has functions that allow users to surf the internet anywhere with the support of 3G cellular network. Moreover, there are also applications available for the App store. These apps have many different functions such as games, entertainment, social networking and even for educational needs. With these applications, you do not need your computer or laptop to surf the internet when an iPhone has the functions.
Blackberry is developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Blackberry could also be used to surf the internet with the support of Blackberry Internet Services. It also allow up to 10 email account to be accessed. With that, sending and receiving emails for personal or even business use will be convenient for Blackberry users. Also, there is push notifications for other Blackberry Applications for social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. With these functions, it will be very convenient for users to receive updates and emails.